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It's an Immediate Job

Apprentices start working from day one with guaranteed incremental wage increases as they demonstrate proficiency on the job. Apprenticeships range from one to six years, but the majority are four years in length. Today more than 500,000 American workers participate in employer-sponsored registered apprenticeship programs.



It's On-the-Job Learning and Education

The "earn and learn" model of registered apprenticeship provides a unique combination of structure learning with on-the-job training from an assigned, experienced mentor. Related instruction, technical training or other certified training is provided by apprenticeship training centers, technical schools, community colleges and/or institutions employing distance and computer-based learning opportunities. The goal is to provide workers with advanced skillsets that meet the specific needs of their employer.

It's a Nationally-Recognized, Industry-Valued Credential

Upon completion of a registered apprenticeship program, participants receive an industry-issued, nationally-recognized credential that certified occupational proficiency, is portable, and can provide a solid pathway to the middle class. In many cases these programs provide apprentices with the opportunity to simultaneously obtain post-secondary degrees including academic certificates, Associates degrees, Bachelors and even post-graduate degrees

Today's Faces of Apprenticeship

Today's apprentices reflect our nation's diverse and talented workforce. They are young and old. They are veterans, re-careering workers and college graduates. They are men and women of every race. They represent the future of our nation's transportation, distribution and logistics industry


Megan McCullar

BAE Systems

Megan thought graduating high school meant automatically going to a 4-year college; she found a registered apprenticeship program to be a much better fit, allowing her to earn a college degree AND valuable technical skills. Learn what Megan says to high school students today...

colter chambers

Colter Chambers

Oceaneering International

Colter loves hands-on work and has found a debt-free way of earning a college degree while he learns valuable skills building, repairing and modernizing our nation's military and merchant marine fleet. Learn how registered apprenticeship has benefited him...


David Tong

Auxiliary Systems

Registered apprenticeship provided a career pathway for David Tong to move into middle-class job mobility and security. Learn how his dedication to learning has paid off with academic and industry credentials...

Next Steps...

TransPORTs apprenticeship specialists can help design a customized training program to meet your critical and emerging workforce needs, and help you secure start-up funding to ensure its sustainability.