USDOL Releases New Apprenticeship Registration Forms

The USDOL Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program requires that employers or sponsors of RA programs register their programs and individual apprentices either directly with the USDOL or with their state apprenticeship agency (SAA), depending on the state in which they are located. The standard apprentice registration forms (ETA Form 671, Sections I and II) and the EEO Complaint Form (ETA Form 9039) have been updated to enhance clarity and reduce confusion. Sponsors who register their programs and apprentices online using the RAPIDS system will have their online forms updated automatically. Sponsors who utilize paper forms will need to use the new forms (with a expiration date of 3/31/2023). USE OF ALL FORMS WITH EXPIRATION DATES OF 1/31/202 SHOULD BE DISCONTINUED.

USDOL ETA Form 671 Section I – Program Registration

USDOLETA Form 671 Section II – Apprentice Registration

USDOL ETA Form 671 Tear off Voluntary Disability Disclosure 

USDOL ETA Form 9039 – EEO Complaint Form



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