TransPORTs Releases New Interactive Guide to Designing and Launching an Effective Apprenticeship Program

TransPORTs has released a new interactive workbook, “Guide to Designing and Launching an Effective Apprenticeship Program,” to help companies, intermediaries and community colleges more easily and effectively navigate the apprenticeship development process. The guide is the result of work TransPORTs has done in collaboration with multiple employers nationwide
over the past 18 months to create and expand effective apprenticeship programs. It features:

  • key questions potential apprenticeship program sponsors will need to answer internally in creating their programs
  • specific federal guidelines to consider when developing a program for registration
  • information on available resources to assist with program creation and sustainability
  • tools to market and administer an apprenticeship program

Download the guide from our Resources page here: TransPORTs Guide to Designing and Launching an Effective Aprenticeship Program and get started on developing an effective, sustainable apprenticeship program today!

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