To access TransPORTs’ technical expertise, program support and incentive funding we will first discuss your program needs and then provide an engagement package for your review and signature. The engagement package is a simple one-page letter stating that you intend to collaborate with TransPORTs over a 12-month period to design and develop a new or expanded registered apprenticeship program. The letter will include the occupations you have targeted for program development, the number of apprentices you estimate will be involved in the program and the amount of funding TransPORTs offers to assist with program development and launch.

Once we have a signed engagement letter, completed W-9 and billing document to release funds we’ll walk through the following simple next steps to establish or expand your organization’s registered apprenticeship program.

Step 1: Identify Critical Occupations

TransPORTs apprenticeship specialists will be able to tell you if the occupations you need to hire and train for are already recognized as eligible for registered apprenticeships or the steps we’ll take to create a program to meet your workforce needs. You can also check the current list of DOL-approved apprenticeable occupations here.

Step 2: Create Your Program Qualifications

This is your program so you will determine your baseline qualifications for program applicants. Qualifications can include:

  • age
  • level of education
  • relevant workplace experience
  • industry credentials, certifications or licenses

In addition you’ll lay out a progression for scheduled wage increases that apprentices can earn as they meet program benchmarks according to the timeline you lay out.

Step 3: Identify Experienced Workers to Mentor Apprentices on the Job

Your supervisors are already typically providing informal – or even formal – workplace training. We can provide additional resources and training to equip the experienced workers who will be supervising your apprentices.

Step 4: Choose an Educational Provider for Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

We will research local, state, regional and national educational resources to lay out possible RTI for your program that apprentices can take in person, online or both. We will help link you up with your local community or technical college, trade association orĀ  even online training provider to ensure that your apprentices receive appropriate RTI to become skilled workers and next generation company leaders.

Step 5: Identify an Internal Apprenticeship Program Point Person

This person will coordinate program details internally and provide required apprentice and program performance reports to TransPORTS.


Step 6: Sign and Launch your Program

Your TransPORTs apprenticeship specialist will assist you with this final step to register your program with the U.S. DOL Office of Apprenticeship.