Benefits for Employers

Registered apprenticeship provides a wide array of benefits for employers, workers, and educational institutions. Because registered apprenticeship programs are created and owned by employers it's important to know the proven reasons for making this workforce development investment. Benefits include...


Apprenticeship programs return to employers $1.47 for every $1 invested. Reduced turnover and increased safety training lowers personnel and workmans compensation costs.

National Recognition & Resources

Registering your formal apprenticeship program gives your firm national recognition and access to federal resources from the U.S. Department of Labor and other agencies.

Enhanced Retention

87% of program completers remain with their employers for more than 5 years.



Credits and Benefits

Your firm or organization may be eligible to receive federal funds and employee tuition benefits as well as state tax credits and subsidized workforce development program assistance

Knowledge Transfer

On-the-job learning from an assigned mentor ensures that all the knowledge your older/more experienced employees have doesn't "walk out the door" when they retire or move.

Customized Training

Registered apprenticeship programs result in highly-skilled employees trained to you employer specifications and ensures that workers produce at the highest skill levels required for that occupation

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Benefits for Apprentices

  • Opportunity to learn in-demand skills from experienced professionals
  • Ability to earn industry-valued credentials and academic certificates or degrees debt-free
  • Solid career pathway to supervisory, management and executive leadership positions
  • Higher wages and increased earnings: apprentices earn $300,000 more over their lifetime than their non-apprentice peers and the average starting wage for apprenticeship graduates is $50,000/years

Benefits for Community & Technical Colleges


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Next Steps...

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