Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) Announces new Choose Aerospace Partnership; Issues RFP

The Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC), which is the the voice of aviation technician education, announced the launch of a new Choose Aerospace, Inc. — a partnership of stakeholders within professional aviation and aerospace industries, joined together to address one of the biggest threats to continued industry growth: the availability of a diverse, qualified technical workforce.

The organization unites companies, associations, labor unions, and educational institutions to spur interest in aerospace careers and identify and implement solutions to workforce development challenges.

A primary objective for Choose Aerospace is to make aerospace career and technical training a priority in secondary schools and to provide multiple career paths to success within the industry. Given coronavirus impacts on aviation technical programs, and the expectation that schools will pursue more computer-based learning options moving forward, the organization is in search of partners to support development of standardized aviation technical curriculum. Learn more by downloading the new RFP for curriculum development partners.

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